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4月 07, 2021
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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4.4 and up

Angry Birds Friends is one of the most exciting games in the Angry Birds franchise. A special feature that allows friends to connect and compete with friends playing on Facebook, gives players a sense of excitement and excitement.

About Angry Birds Friends:

Players will also spend a lot of tables to get eggs. Angry Birds Friend has all six levels of a computer story to find eggs, beat fat pigs to destroy structures like surf and plans, pig stories, golden eggs, and more. Each story has many different levels. Let the players challenge themselves and their friends. Angry Birds Friends has different levels of difficulty at each level. The player gets a number of birds and the number of pigs is arranged in the correct order.

Your job is to use these birds, reduce pig education and destroy them. If you destroy the pig without leaving, you have completed the task at each level. In addition to shooting all the big-headed pigs, you will also need to make a lot of points for yourself. The more pigs you kill, the more points players get and also the destruction of the pig base.

Angry Birds Friends Story:

One day, like every other day, Shuff Pig and King Pig sent pigs to steal eggs from the birds, but they did not find them. Eventually, the pig was rescued by a pig's hot air balloon and, as before, the Bird Reds must chase the pig and the Reds must find the key to freeing the birds: blues, bombs, matilda, etc. The game begins. The moment in which you should do all you can to make these birds live happily ever after.

Why play:

Angry Birds Friends is a version of Angry Birds Squad that features online combat for players. The familiar gameplay of shooting directors and their ability to compete individually with friends increases the excitement and sense of innovation in the players.

The game Angry Birds Friends is no different from previous versions, players are given a certain number of birds, and the number of pigs is arranged in a certain order. Your job is to use these birds, reduce pig education and destroy them. When there are no more pigs in the roster, you win.

You have to stretch the screen slightly to pull it out. As a player the coordinates want by adjusting the shot power, angle, and shot when you let go, the birds will fly on the intended route of flight. Birds must calculate the true angle of fire to hunt and defeat pigs for ultimate victory.

In addition, while playing, players need to know that the base of each table is laid out in terms of Fat Pig Army, position, difficulty, and complexity. These changes are difficult for players. Therefore, you also need to calculate the right direction, the right way to aim, the number of birds, and multiple points.

The composition and number of pigs have changed:

The exciting point of the game is that it is on every screen where the team is to play and the number of pigs arranged in difficulties and complexity, which gradually excites the players. In addition, different birds with their unique abilities will gradually appear on each screen to assist the player. So, every time you pass a new level, you can see a new type of pig.

The order of these pigs has also changed, presenting players with new challenges. You can easily enjoy many necessities up to date. The basic fee is straightforward, but the advanced fee is very difficult to resolve. The game is really challenging which makes the players a little crazy.

Good birds:

There are some birds in the game such as Red, Chuck, Jack, Jim, Bomb, Jay, Bubble, Terrence, Matilda, Hall Hall, Stella, etc. The red is the first bird so it has no special skills. In particular, the chuck can be accelerated when the player touches the screen to increase the extent of the destruction. A bomb can explode with a powerful force that can destroy a stone.

Jay, Jack, Jim look the same. They have a special height when the player touches the screen. There are so many unique birds to play with, and new discoveries reveal these amazing things.

Challenge your friends:

The uniqueness of Angry Birds Friends is that you will be challenged with friends in your Facebook friends list and you will not only find competitors but also get help from them. What does it mean to compare high and low with your friends? It is very interesting when you invite your friends to compete with you in this beautiful game.

If your friend agrees, you both need to try your best to succeed. If you want to be a winner, you may need more power and useful skills. Players have to show their best skills and win all the pigs. Once you and your friend play this game together, you can both experience unforgettable moments.

Earn Review Points:

However, they can't compete with you by accumulating points on constantly updated leaderboards. Depending on how many pigs you kill, players will get the right score and also destroy the pig base. There are points. The remaining birds get bonus points with 10,000 points. Based on the score, the game is ranked on the leaderboard. There is nothing more generous than putting your name on the leaderboard. This game will help you improve your skills and your efforts. So try to get as many points as you can to include the name in the leaderboard.

Golden Egg:

Through each screen when players have the fastest way to get the golden egg. Every golden egg in the game is valuable because it takes you to the place where the eggs are quickly hidden. After each round, the player's total score is equal to the number of stars you get. The more stars you collect, the better, because each level determines the number of stars of the player. If you get enough stars, you will open many more levels. Try to collect as many stars as possible to win all levels of the game.

Graphics and sound:

The game has sharp graphics, fun, beautiful birds and pigs to relax the players. With graphics, it does not require further machinery configuration. The game fits many machines and has a simple gameplay and is available for all ages. In addition, the graphics of the game are made in many colors and players feel different and happy. You will be absolutely amazed by the colorful birds and their enemies.

The sound of the game is soft, mild, the background music is carefully selected and catches the ear. In particular, sounds are intelligently processed when a bird is flying, including special skills or pig patterns, which give the player a real feel.


Angry Birds Friends is an entertainment option for you with fleeting moments of entertainment and intense competition with your friends and relatives. Download the game and experience the best games with your friends or in this game.

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Angry Birds Friends 10.0.0 (MOD, Unlimited Booster) Apk 是新的 Android 手机游戏,具有最新版本的APK和MOD文件。 下载链接可用 Angry Birds Friends 10.0.0 (MOD, Unlimited Booster) Apk 游戏的帖子上方, Angry Birds Friends 10.0.0 (MOD, Unlimited Booster) Apk 的所有下载链接均正常工作且下载速度很快。

Angry Birds Friends 10.0.0 (MOD, Unlimited Booster) Apk 是 Rovio Entertainment Corporation 的所有年龄段的新的交互式 游戏。 该游戏的好处之一是图形和用户友好的界面。 在五分制范围内,Angry Birds Friends 10.0.0 (MOD, Unlimited Booster) Apk 内容评级为4.5(满分5.0),可以下载和安装,最多支持 4.4 and up 等(在Android设备上)。

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