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เกม , Action
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1.0 สำหรับ Android
ธ.ค. 24, 2562
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Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek continues and Hello Neighbor Find a popular mobile game. In this section, players will explore the events and stories that are supposed to be the game's sequel.


The gameplay

As already mentioned, an action-puzzle game horror element like Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek is combined with about the neighboring past, to find out what a bad and mysterious man is. Hello, neighbor plays a strange boy with things around him. On a nice day, you decided to break into her house to find the secrets of the mysterious house to hide in the house cellar.


The many different elements you use in the area are easy to avoid but can get more stressful. The sports background is not just your neighbor's house, but the other four fantasy worlds. Players need to focus on solving unexpected situations in the game.

Although you are very careful and move like a cat, the neighbors can find more and hunt down you. He explains why he wants to approach Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek in his home.

Explore Mystery Story

Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek will explain all iOS questions until you've solved it. The player now became the victim before the return neighbors mourned. A simple start "Hide and Seek" game on your sisters and the secrets of the game appear between them. The absence of such a tragic scene of such reminisces character brings the whole emotional story through a series of family members, dangerous game and sibling events. The game shows you who your neighbor and why they have won a life of isolation with many secrets.


A person who is always the cheerful and hilarious character of his sister is fast and mentally unstable after losing fear. Hiding them is a game, in which often a game filled with horror elements played together. In fact, you will be the sister character of the game. Your task is to find a way to escape the control of his brother - neighbors.

Graphics and sound

The game graphics are still based in a beautifully drawn animated style. Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek a tragic and dark story and find out, no one thinks or takes you. Everything will gradually be revealed by the game at any time. These horror or bloody images cannot hide, but hey the neighbor does and still feels stressful and nervous to repeat the steps or the breathing feeling you have available to move to different places and find ways to avoid the horror game.


What is the End of Story? Download Search Hello Neighbor Hide & Seek and APK is your answer for free.

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