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พ.ค. 20, 2563
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Brothers in Arms 3 - popular toys that go back to World War II. The toy is an exciting and addictive battle with a huge arsenal of weapons and various angles to kill his enemies. We will play the role of Sergeant Wright, essential to the survival of the Allies, the beginning of the adventure drama Normandy Landfall. Colourful graphics and great sound will await us in this super toy.

Events on the European continent are developing provocative actions in which users will have to fight on behalf of Americans who have landed on the shores of Norman. From now on, the main goal of American fighters is not only survival but also the fulfilment of all important missions.

The game impresses with its realistic graphics, the hero here will not become a hero character, as can be found in many similar games. The main character is not supposed to save the lives of all his brothers, and if he is given pills he can die of a dangerous, deeply bleeding haemorrhage.

This toy is said to be the third part of the most popular activities that can perfectly mimic the evil events of World War II. Playing cards worked very well with very small details and in these terribly difficult days, a really huge arsenal of weapons really existed.

You can play Brothers in Arms 3 and play company on-site, go through many interesting missions and study the whole world of the game. Players expect eight action volumes. Twelve brothers will appear as brave brave people, each with their own unique abilities and improvements.


* Ch on Army in multiplayer
* Fight based fights based on experience
* Immerse yourself in exciting action gameplay
* Choose your favourite weapon
* Enjoy simple visual effects
* Wins great prizes on special occasions

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