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6.0.1V Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
5 26, 2020
앱 작성자:
Pixonic LLC
Mod Features:
필수 안드로이드:
4.1 +


In the game, players play as a competent military commander who wants to take part in the biggest robot battle and bring together the best commanders in the world. Choose your favourite robot with its own skills and abilities. Choose the right one to go into battle. Give it a significant upgrade so you can win the other way.

The ultimate goal in every battle is to protect the beacons that are important to you and your allies and to defend yourself from enemy attacks. Players can access team battles that support up to 6 players in each team. Therefore, it is important that you look at the strategic aspects properly and make the right decision to win the game.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Different robots with unique powers

As soon as the game starts, Battle Robot players will have access to a huge collection of robots spread across more than 50 combat machines around the world. They each have their own strengths and skills, so you can easily find your favourites and change your approach to the game. Experience unique fighting styles with some robots and master in a decent style as you learn to make it bigger in battle robots.

A variety of different commanders

In addition, the game has a variety of different commanders, which are divided into different categories. So you can choose the right commander to use in your big fighting machines and draw in battle.

Take advantage of the complementary functions between the commander and the robots that offer the best combination for you.

To enhance your commander's power, you can also upgrade it to unlock better statistics and more effective skills.

Extensive gameplay with various functions

Unlike most average shooter titles on mobile platforms, War Robot players have very rich .play access to the gameplay. With multiple perspectives and tricks, players can have their own chances to win. You can experience unique ways to fight a combat robot by taking enemies head-on or suddenly attacking, trapping them and trapping them in your trap.

Feel free to customize your robot

Players of Battle Robots can access the incredible customizations presented in the game. With the unique abilities of some robots, you can also give them multiple weapons to improve their strength and abilities during combat. Equip your favourite robots with all sorts of amazing powers that reappear in the game.

Easy control and pleasant mechanics

If you don’t usually use FPS games, it would be relatively natural to fight in combat robots because they don’t make many changes. It is said that at an early stage players will find the game fairly accessible and fun.

However, this does not mean that the game is easy in any way. Remember you are fighting against the best commanders in the world. Either you do your best or you won't win the game.

Players from around the world Enjoy multiplayer gameplay with online players

Since it is an FPS game, many of you will definitely enjoy the online gameplay. Other than that, here at War Robots, you can enjoy addictive multiplayer gameplay with the best players online from around the world.

First, join powerful clans or create one for yourself and your friends. You will be happy to guide them through endless challenges and leaderboards.

Go it alone and experience the game alone

And if you are facing challenges alone, you may have a new arena experience or free gameplay. Challenge yourself against the best battle robot commander. Managed to win against them and become the best. Fight the epic battle and earn your place in the Half Fame. On the leaderboard from beginner to master.

New functions are introduced for each update

And with this new game with a fast-growing community, combat robots are motivated to deliver consistent, high-quality updates. However, if you get a new update, you will be very surprised every time. So keep an eye on it before you know it.

Play for free

Despite all the amazing features mentioned, the game is currently free for all Android players. However, you can easily install it on your mobile devices by downloading the free game from Google Play Store.

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