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3.1.01V Android 용
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5 26, 2020
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4.1 +


In the game, players will come up with many characters on their final diving challenges, in which you will take your passion to the extreme. Breathe leaps with incredible stunts that no one tries. With determination and a little luck, you can become a world champion in diving.

Flip Diving MOD will guide you through different diving challenges with different difficulties. When you get the best score and record at every level, it is your job to make the most amazing dives. Community Join the online community and compete with the best divers for higher score rankings.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplay

First, flip-diving players will enjoy a simple but addictive diving game on their mobile devices. Choose your favourite divers and cards. Move your diver in the right direction and swipe your finger to send it into the air. Tap the screen again to activate the tilt method. Do fantastic stunts by jumping under incredible rocks. But make sure you schedule the flip properly, or you get a back or abdominal flap.

Find an endless diving game with many tricks

And to make the game more interesting, flip-diving players had access to many diving tricks they could do. The more complex and beautiful the trick, the better score will be for these people. Feel free to learn the best tricks and let your divers learn them. Enjoy the unique ragdoll physics when you do these unique tricks while jumping on the rocks.

Travel to many places and take your driving hobby to the extreme

For those looking for extreme diving challenges, you can always find challenges in exciting and epic locations in the sport. Here at Flip Diving, you have over 50 different diving platforms to test a lot of cards for your skills and fun. Dive with trees, boats, trampolines and more. Experience a unique diving game on the go.

Choose between different characters with unique diving styles

To bring you back to all these epic diving challenges, flip diving also gives players the opportunity to choose between different characters with unique diving styles. Bu bu builder, businessman, fat man, athlete or penguin as something weird in costume. In addition, each of them has its own diving style and skills, which are completely different from the others. With responsive ragdoll physics, everything becomes much more fun and entertaining.

Record your epic stunt and show it to your friends

If you’re doing amazing stunts or experiencing your biggest mistake, you can easily record those memorable moments with a repeat option. Watch it again whenever you want and save the video if you enjoy.

Great prizes that you can collect every day

And even if you don't have time to improve your flip-diving level to get great rewards, you can still win a nice daily prize. Open the game for a while during your lunch break to collect great loot.

Enjoy playing with or without internet

For those looking for a comprehensive portable gaming experience on their mobile devices, flip-diving is definitely a great option for fun during your daily commute, where WiFi isn't always available. Just open the game and you can enjoy it offline flying.

Never lose your progress in flip diving

And you don't have to save your files until they are uploaded online, as they are automatically uploaded online. Just connect your Google Play Services account to the game to unlock this great feature. It also allows you to delete the game or switch to a new phone without losing your progress in flip diving.

Play for free

Last but not least, the game is currently listed as a free title on the Google Play Store. Still, Android players can easily access the game on their mobile devices. Just download and install it to enjoy the game without paying anything.

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