Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk for Android無料ダウンロード

ゲーム , Music & Audio
7.8.1 アンドロイド用
3 24, 2021
Mod Features:
Premium Unlocked
Android 4.1 and up

Musixmatch Premium is a great application that provides users with song lyrics to enhance the listening experience. It will display in a window on the music player’s interface. You will no longer have to switch back to the music player and lyrics window anymore. Musixmatch Premium has good compatibility with popular music applications and services such as Youtube, Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud and Google Play Music.

What is Musixmatch Premium?

As a music lover, you must have repeated your favorite songs many times. At the moment, an application that displays the lyrics is essential to enhance the music experience. If you usually find a favorite song on YouTube or other music players, it will take time for you to type the song name on the search engine and find the lyrics. Musixmatch Premium is much more convenient. Users do not have to search. Instead, the application owns a huge collection of lyrics and automatically recognizes to display the lyrics of the current song.

Detect the song you are listening to

You have probably encountered a situation where you are sitting at a cafe, a restaurant or are moving and hearing a song. That song may interest you. But you don’t know what the song is or which singer it is. Surely, you will regret not being able to listen to that song again.


With the smart song recognition feature of Musixmatch Premium, your problem is solved. All you need to do is open the application, select the Identify tab and click on the application’s logo. It only takes a few seconds for the app to detect what the song is playing and also display the lyrics in real-time. You can absolutely sing along if you want. This is a really handy feature, which works incredibly well.

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Translate lyrics

If you are a fan of Thai music and want to understand the content of the song, Musixmatch Premium will help you do this with just one touch. Users can tap on the Translations button in the interface of the song playback or the FloatingLyrics window and select your language.

View lyrics offline

With Musixmatch Premium, you can now listen to music, repeat the lyrics even without an internet connection. This not only brings convenience to users but also saves a monthly cost of mobile data. This feature is only available on the Premium version (Musixmatch Premium). You can enjoy any lyrics and their translations without requiring a wifi connection or mobile data.


For this to be available, users are required to open their favorite lyrics at least once with a network connection. The application will automatically save and playback later on. The storage for the lyrics is very small, so you don’t need to worry this will fill up your phone’s memory.

FloatingLyrics feature

This feature helps users not have to switch between the music player and Musixmatch Premium. A floating window will appear on the screen. At this point, you can make any control or minimize it if you want. The FloatingLyrics feature is only available for Android operating systems. The iOS version does not support this feature.

Besides, you can hold down the FloatingLyrics window and drag it to the position you want. Also, you can change its size by holding down the arrow keys at the bottom of the window.


In addition, the FloatingLyrics window will automatically appear when a track is played. The app will display the correct lyrics. You can perform all the basic features like translating lyrics, identifying songs, sharing, etc. Automatically appearing windows can be a bit annoying, so you can disable this feature in the settings and turn it on when necessary.


If you are looking for an application that provides a complete lyrics collection, Musixmatch Premium is a perfect choice. The app has an easy-to-use interface, as well as, the song identification takes place automatically and quickly without user intervention. This is a great feature that helps you enjoy the best music experience. Moreover, you no longer have to waste time searching for lyrics. In this article, we offer the premium version of Musixmatch, which has unlocked the entire features and has no ads. Readers can download the app at the link below.

Note: in order for Premium to work, you need to log in to your account.

ダウンロード Latest Version of Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk

Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk で十分に楽しませたり、面白がっていないですか? それから、少し単調であるが、すべての人や多様な人から外見を得ることができるコンテンツを作成することに特化したウェブ上の他のアプリを試してみる時が来たのかもしれません。 Deezloader 2.6.5- Deezer Downloader (MOD, Patched, Working 100%), Poweramp Full Version Unlocker 3-build-893 (MOD, Paid), Stellio Player 6.2.8 (MOD, Premium), Cross DJ Pro 3.5.8 (MOD, Paid, Patched), Spotify Lite (Mod, Premium/Ad-free), のようなアプリについて話している

Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk は、最新バージョンのAPKおよびMODファイルを備えた新しいAndroidモバイルゲームです。 ダウンロードリンクが利用可能です Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk ゲームの投稿の上にある Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk のすべてのダウンロードリンクは正常に動作しており、高速にダウンロードされます。

Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk は、すべての年齢層向けの Musixmatch による新しいインタラクティブな ゲームです。 このゲームの利点の1つは、グラフィックスとユーザーフレンドリーなインターフェイスです。 5段階評価では、Musixmatch Premium 7.6.4 (MOD, Unlocked) Apk コンテンツレーティングは5.0のうち4.5の評価を受けており、ダウンロードしてインストールでき、Androidデバイスで最大 Android 4.1 and up 以上をサポートします。

最新の公式バージョンがMillionデバイスにインストールされています。 このapkはこのミラーから安全にダウンロードでき、ウイルスはありません。