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nov 19, 2020
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Playing mobile games with a gaming mouse and keyboard is the dream of so many gamers, which brings a new experience. Besides, the result is also improved thanks to the good operation of the mouse and keyboard. It is also much more convenient than on the touch screen. That is the reason why we would like to introduce to you a great application named Panda Mouse Pro. The application supports all popular games today. Moreover, it is highly compatible with many mobile devices.

About Panda Mouse Pro

If you love playing mobile games, you will certainly find the touch screen controls very inconvenient. Even pro gamers of PUBG Mobile or Fortnite feel this. In particular, with shooters that require both precision and quick operation, the control is much more difficult.

Therefore, mobile gamers have been thinking of connecting a mouse and keyboard to a phone or tablet for enhancing the gaming experience. The advantage of this way is to bring a sense of control similar to gaming on a PC. Besides, it helps your hands more comfortable when playing for a long time. It’s quite hard to find a tool to connect gaming devices to smartphones. Recently, Panda Gaming Studio has developed a great application to make this easy, which is Panda Mouse Pro. You may know, Panda Gaming Studio is a developer who offers many great applications. It helps optimize the mobile gaming experience as in Panda Gamepad Pro and Panda Game Booster.

Panda Mouse Pro APK download

Why should we use Panda Mouse Pro?

It is the fact that playing mobile games with a specializing mouse and keyboard will help you enhance the feeling and achievement significantly. However, it is not easy for an amateur to successfully connect a mouse or keyboard to their smartphone.
What difficulty does a player have when connecting a mouse and keyboard to a phone?

Your phones and tablets do not support

Any current smartphone or tablet supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily connect a mouse and keyboard to your device. However, successfully connecting does not mean that you will control the game well. Many mobile devices today have poor compatibility with keyboards and mouse. You can only do basic functions. The more complex control operations are not available.

Devices that support intermediate connections are expensive and inconvenient

There are also some intermediaries on the market today, so you can connect a mouse and keyboard to a phone. However, its price is quite high. Besides, convenience will also be reduced. If you want to play a game, you first need to connect the intermediary device to the phone then connect the intermediary device to the mouse and keyboard.

Besides, it is quite risky when these devices require to interfere with the system. Also, the app is not available on the app store. Then, it requires users to download from the manufacturer’s website. These apps regularly receive warnings from Google Play.

All of these problems will be solved when you use Panda Mouse Pro. Let’s find out about its key features in the section below:

Panda Mouse Pro features

Key features of Panda Mouse Pro

  • Simple to use, connect the game successfully without duplicating it.
  • This is a trusted application because you can download it directly from Google Play.
  • Compatible with many games, especially popular shooting games like PUBG Mobile.


How to activating Panda Mouse Pro:

Activate by PC

Step 1: Enable USB debugging
Access phone settings, select Developer Options and enable USB debugging. If you can’t find Developer Options, you can go to Settings> System> About Phone> click “Build number” 7 times.

Step 2: Activate
Connect your phone to PC or Mac and select the connection mode as Charge Only.

Activate by PC

Download the activation file for windows HERE

Decompress and launch the trigger. Note, During the download process, you will probably receive a virus warning. However, the download link is reliable. It’s a signature problem, not a virus. You can temporarily turn off virus and firewall scanning applications to continue installing.

Activate by using Mac

Download the activation file at: Here

The next steps are the same for on windows.

Activated by using Panda Activator

Panda Activator is a USB-shaped device. You can buy it on Amazon for $ 2.99.


Connect the device according to the diagram above. It only takes a few seconds to activate Panda Mouse Pro.


Panda Mouse Pro is a keymapper for mouse and keyboards that enhances the gaming experience of mobile users. To be able to use the application, you need a mouse and keyboard that support Bluetooth. Currently, the app is still in beta, users may occasionally encounter some small errors. Hopefully, the application will work more stably in the official version. Readers can download the app at the link below.

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Panda Mouse Pro (BETA) 1.4.9(Fixed License Activation) Apk è il nuovo gioco per cellulare Android con l'ultima versione del file APK e MOD. I link per il download sono disponibili Sopra il post del gioco Panda Mouse Pro (BETA) 1.4.9(Fixed License Activation) Apk, tutti i link per il download di Panda Mouse Pro (BETA) 1.4.9(Fixed License Activation) Apk funzionano correttamente e il download è veloce.

Panda Mouse Pro (BETA) 1.4.9(Fixed License Activation) Apk è un nuovo gioco interattivo di Panda Gaming Studio per tutte le età. Uno dei vantaggi di questo gioco è la grafica e l'interfaccia intuitiva. Su una scala di cinque punti, la classificazione dei contenuti di Panda Mouse Pro (BETA) 1.4.9(Fixed License Activation) Apk ha ricevuto una valutazione di 4.5 su 5.0 e può essere scaricata e installata, supportando fino a e altro sui dispositivi Android.

L'ultima versione ufficiale è stata installata su milioni di dispositivi. Questo apk può essere scaricato in modo sicuro da questo mirror ed è privo di virus.