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mars 19, 2020
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Android 5.0

Brand new game effects have recently been announced by the Honkai developer, miHoYo Genshin Impact. It is a global graphics adventure game designed 3D graphics. PCs are available today, on most major platforms, including mobiles and consoles.

About Genshin Impact on Android

As you know MiHoYo Honkai effect is extremely popular with exciting mobile games. In particular, the game is very popular in Asia. Recently the Honkai Effect was released in three games and many people were drawing attention. West players are also included. Honkai Action is a 3D action game with a third perspective of the sci-fi series and excellent graphics Anima. In addition, most of the game's structure based on control systems, character and speed. Therefore, many people expect the introduction of the Genshin Impact that it will be a great adventure game.


Attractive story

Genshin Impact was inspired by the manga of the same name. The game trailer has a variety of characters to play, environment, and he to enter into his arrangement. Some of them are inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild and run by yourself to watch the game close the eye or stand on the floor interesting.


Genshin Impact begins with a mysterious land called Teyvat. Here are seven elements or points. It can do gods for all people. If someone is found to be God, they will be given the ability to use the soul's eye and the elements. Accordingly, players play the passenger, make friends with different personalities, special abilities. Fighting back against all the powerful opponents losing all the truth Genshin knows.

Magical Universe

The world is divided into a unique atmosphere and themes. They are different in culture and lifestyle. The remnants of a destroyed waste state went too far into technology. At the same time, view the huge Gothic tower medieval fortress, both classic and modern. Behind the scenes is what makes the stories and visual legends most beautiful and rich. It will attract players deeply to explore Genshin's impact on the ground.

Visual experience

Genshin Impact brings the world of elegance and beauty. Game architecture is extremely unique and great. The natural terrain is also very rich. Players have to find a lot of places and land. Pictures of Genshin Impact of Wild Breath were released by the developers that it is quite similar to the Legend of Zelda Nintendo experience. That being said, for many, expect the release of this game and more.


MiHoYo legend Genshin does not need to mention the direct relationship between legend Genshin Impact and Zelda though: fan-show trailer with raised heroes and wild breathing panoramic scenes, the last scene. Special. The country is very similar to a trailer of breathtaking Wilds. The scenery and grass fire also resemble many.

Explore the freedom of the beautiful mysterious world

Genshin Impact players are transforming their characters and coming to explore the mysterious and interesting world. So, the most authentic experience for the players. Using aerobic flying, Swimming, Sky, Genshin will have the chance to experience everything the players experience. They use this skill in the mysterious land to explore and find loved ones. From there, you will discover the secrets of each hidden character. At the same time, mysterious stories about the country were slowly unfolding.



Genshin Impact will be officially available on PC and iOS in June 21, for Android users, you may be able to wait a little longer to get the game. Due to the complicated installation, the developer did not bring the Android operating system to the next lawsuit. Currently, you can close part of the game tests. We will update the game link download once it is available. Visit our blog for the latest premium apps and don't forget to get the latest game.

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Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo) est un nouveau jeu mobile Android avec la dernière version du fichier APK et MOD. Les liens de téléchargement sont disponibles Au-dessus de la publication du jeu Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo), tous les liens de téléchargement de Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo) fonctionnent correctement et se téléchargent rapidement.

Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo) est un nouveau jeu interactif de pour tous les âges. L'un des avantages de ce jeu est le graphisme et l'interface conviviale. Sur une échelle de cinq points, la notation de contenu Genshin Impact APK (by MiHoYo) est une note reçue de 4,5 sur 5,0 et peut être téléchargée et installée, prenant en charge jusqu'à Android 5.0 et plus sur les appareils Android.

La dernière version officielle a été installée sur des millions d'appareils. Cette apk peut être téléchargée en toute sécurité à partir de ce miroir et elle est exempte de virus.