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Oil rushes in 19th-century North America inspired Turmoil, a casual business simulation game. Games studio Gamious developed the game, which was published by LTGames. On your journey to becoming a successful oil entrepreneur in Turmoil, you'll face time and rivals. Make your town grow as you rake in the oil money!

As the head of an oil company, you can take over Turmoil. In this game, you play as an oil tycoon in 19th century North America who discovers the value of oil. The more you earn, the more upgrades you can buy and the closer you are to becoming a mayor. Simulation games are among the most addictive.

Overtake a company that produces oil

Turmoil lets you manage an oil company in an area devastated by natural disasters. Oil is a highly lucrative industry that you'll be managing. With the game, the goal is to increase profits while reducing carbon footprints. It features a laconic design and no complex controls. You'll soon become the next big oil company once you're up and running.

Build a turbulent network by buying land, hiring geologists, and hiring engineers

In Turmoil, you must start from scratch in order to establish an oil company. The land will be acquired through auctions, geologists will be invited to your site, and pipelines will be built. In addition to hiring workers, establishing silos, and upgrading infrastructure, you'll need to expand. Selling oil at the right time will increase profit. By upgrading your infrastructure, you can increase production.

Play this game of petroleum to earn huge profits

Intuitive and straightforward gameplay. The oil industry is very competitive, and crude oil stays in the wells. You will make huge profits once you sell it. Using primitive equipment, however, leads to spills and poor performance. The result is a drastic reduction in your profits. Investing in new equipment and technologies is crucial, as is buying land and exploring new deposits. By doing so, you will eventually reach a global position of influence and profitability.

Business Development

Developing a business from scratch is possible in the game. At auctions, you must purchase land, and geologists must be invited to your site. Your discovery will be estimated by these experts. In order to succeed, you will need workers and equipment. To maximize profits, you'll need to upgrade your infrastructure and invest in the latest technologies. Also, you'll become an oil entrepreneur who is wealthy and influential if you succeed. Explore and control the many facets of the oil industry with this Android game.

New Technologies Are Invested In

When you build your business, you're going to face competition from other players. It is difficult to drill with primitive equipment that is capable of high performance, and spilled oil on the ground greatly reduces profits. A good way to become wealthy and influential is to invest in new technologies, buy real estate, and explore new deposits. All production processes can be managed easily, thanks to the laconic design and simple controls. At the end of the day, Turmoil is a highly rewarding Turmoil. By earning money and becoming influential, you'll become highly successful.

The Turmoil Game is a simulation game based on 19th-century events

An oil rush in North America during the 19th century is simulated in Turmoil. Become a successful oil entrepreneur as you grow your business. With the profits you earn from oil, your town will grow as well. Start your business by leasing land at the auction and building a rig. For the oil to be brought up, you'll need to hire workers and build an effective pipeline network. Once the oil is brought up, you'll need silos to store it. You can sell it when it's in demand. Upgrade the town when it's in need.

Easily controlled

Easy-to-learn interface makes the game easy to play. You can control the entire production process with TTurmoil's laconic controls. There is no difficulty in mastering the game. After playing the game, you'll feel like an oil entrepreneur. In this simulation, it's impossible not to become wealthy and influential. Turmoil is one of the best games around.

Features of Turmoil Full Apk:

Oil Field Management, Real-Time Strategy

Using dowsers, moles, or scanning, discover oil on land purchased at the town auction. Build an efficient pipe network to transport and store the oil above ground, and buy wagons and silos for transportation and storage. You can either wait for the right price to sell, or you can raise the oil price yourself by using natural gas!

Upgrade Technology, Expand Your Network

Oil drilling operations can be improved with dozens of upgrades and new tools. Drilling through rocks, dealing with natural gas pockets, and preventing oil spills will require them. The people at the saloon may have some very juicy business proposals for you!

Get a job as a mayor and buy stocks

Get to the top by starting at the bottom! Turmoil isn't just about money, you also need town shares. Be the new mayor of the city by outbidding your rivals at the stock auction!

Challenge Your Limits in a Randomly Seeded World

Oil drilling challenges are almost limitless thanks to the different settings and randomly generated levels. See if you can beat the competition!

Prepare for the upcoming DLC, The Heat is On!

New challenges and bonuses make this oil-drilling adventure challenging and fun. Magma beneath the earth's surface can create danger, but it can also lead to opportunities. It is also possible to find underground artefacts and sell them in the village, but it may be more profitable to collect them all! If you wish to earn more money, play card games in the saloon!

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