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Jun 05, 2020


If you want to answer the most popular mobile game currently in the Google Play Store, you have a choice between the popular PUBG mobile. And the PC version of the game has cooled down a bit since the super hype in 2018, but PUBG Mobile is still one of the most popular mobile games that Android users can use on their mobile devices. There are a hundred active players in a day.

However, the game is still a relatively popular mobile title that requires a significant amount of power from your hardware. In addition, volatile gaming experiences can also make it difficult for players to fully enjoy their FPS and Battle Royale with other players. So, you need to find a way to reduce the graphical requirements so that you can enjoy the whole game on your low-end phone.

Luckily, with the Pub GFX tool, with its simple and accessible settings, you can get into the configuration of the game and enjoy stunning MPS experiences.

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What does it do

While the game has its own graphics customization so Android players can enjoy simple and satisfying gameplay, many users still find their games sluggish and messed up in certain situations. Despite the fact that their hardware can run the game perfectly.

As a result, many users use third-party applications to make some changes to the game's graphics. Here you can enjoy intuitive and accessible visual settings for your gameplay that allow more configuration on your system. This way, you can smooth out the gameplay with constant FPS, and sometimes the graphics are significantly reduced to “potato-like” levels.

You can use what is available in the Pub Pro Graphics Toolkit by making simple and easily accessible changes to the system or by making advanced and important adjustments to make the game more playable and interesting. Will happen.


By creating an app for low-end devices, users can make it a fairly accessible experience on your Android phone or tablet. So it is entirely possible for you to install apps on any of your Android devices. Just make sure they run on Android 4 or higher. And of course, you should also have a major PUBG mobile game on your devices, with which you can test the changes that have been applied before.

Great Features of the Pub GFX Tool Pro APK 

Here are all the amazing features provided by the app:

Pub GFX Tool Pro APK Features

Optimize PubG Gameplay - One of the best reasons to download the Pub GFX tool for free is to be able to unlock HDR graphics on low-end devices. With this application, you can easily enable PUBG to run on low-end mobile devices where you don't normally want to run PUBG. This app has some very good setting options that can be enabled or disabled depending on the needs of the user, and the game can run properly without any problems.

Advanced Options - Although this app has numerous built-in settings that can be applied to the game automatically, there are a number of options that can be activated by users. All you have to do is download, install, and open the PUB GFX + Tool APK to enable or disable the settings for your PUBG game. They have anisotropic filter level (AF), MSAA level, anti-aliasing, extreme FPS level, and more to optimize your gameplay.

Easy to use interface - The functions of this application may seem like some advanced things, but the interface of this application makes them easy to use. You can easily navigate and change settings according to your needs. Whenever you want to play PUBG, you can enable this app's smart widget feature to start the PUBG game without opening PUB GFX + app every time. Adjust the settings once and activate the widget to open the game with the settings you want to play each time.

Save Device Resources - This application is too small so your device resources cannot be used. So they should only be saved for PUBG games. Aside from changing the layout and sensitivity settings of the game in this application, you should change them in the game itself to prevent it from reverting to the default settings. However, if you want, you can replace them with the PUB GFX application. This is another reason to download the PUB GFX + tool for free.

100% Free and Secure - Although there are many Pub GFX apps available on the Internet and on the Google Play Store, if you are looking for a Pub GFX tool for PBGG Lite, you should consider this app. The PUB GFX + tool is the only app for Android devices that works smoothly and does not prevent your account from playing PUBG. Beware of fake apps and websites that may provide PUB GFX + Tool MOD APK or a cracked version of this app.

See instructions in the app

For those of you who find the app a bit difficult to find, in addition to these basic settings, you'll find easy help with a complete FAQ in the PUB Gfx + tool. Learn how to effectively modify PUBG Mobile's game settings, including major changes made by the app.

On the other hand, you can now change your language options with dozens of available localizations for your application. Enjoy easy and convenient use. This application is now available in your native languages.

If all the settings are in place, you can easily go back and restore it at any time. So you can change the system without worrying about losing your old settings or gameplay.

Enjoy the app in dark mode

To make the experience in the app more satisfying, Android users can turn on Dark Mode manually, bringing the user interface to a more acceptable form. This makes the app extremely suitable for night use.

Choose a free app on our website

Since Pubg is currently listed as a paid version of the GFX tool in the Google Play Store, you will have to pay to unlock all functions. So, some of you want to use our unlocked version of the app, which can also be used for free. Download PUB Gfx Tool Pro APK from our website, follow the instructions and you're good to go. Enjoy with fully customized visual experiences with available settings.


Application not supported by PUBG Mobile

For those of you interested, the PUB Gfx Tool provides intuitive and effective settings to make your PUBG mobile game more satisfying. However, the app is not an official PUBG mobile product, so you'll see that in-game updates won't work largely in the new app unless you give developers some time to release their updates. Therefore, you cannot use interesting functions.

Final verdict

With simple and interesting functions, Pub GFX Tool allows Android gamers to enjoy their full gaming experience with PUBG Mobile. Edit your gameplay and always have fun with the completely free app on our website.