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1.2.0V for Android
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May 22, 2020
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5.0 +


In the game, Android players will join their fascinating clan that digs and builds endlessly. Enjoy the idle click method when you tap the screen to encourage your employees to continue digging. Browse many different places and find interesting items and prices buried below. Take the money and all kinds of resources and slowly get out the hidden structures.

Use the available resources and structures to create interesting buildings and construction work for the tribe. Collect money and recruit more and more tribesmen. Everyone works at their archaeological sites and improves their performance to enjoy fun and satisfying scenes. Participate and make yourself interesting in many different places. And enjoy with an easy and accessible passive gaming experience.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Simple and ible accessible passive digging game

First, Android players in Idle Digging Tycoon MOD will quickly become familiar with the passive game. Here you have to hire workers to make money and start them on excavation sites.

Make money with each shovel and enjoy clicker gameplay that allows you to make quick money by constantly tapping on the screen and digging employees like crazy. Or, at the same time, enjoy useless gameplay where you can make money without turning on the phone.

And most importantly, the Android players of Idle Digging Tycoon MOD Apk can enjoy addictive simulation, while they want to thank for easy and intuitive touch control.

Different characters with different skills

To help you dig, the game offers a variety of species that you can put on your websites. First, let the workers dig in when you make quick money with each shovel.

In general, your worker friends are very committed to their work. Sometimes, however, they clap and take a nap somewhere in the camp. And if so, you may have strict and respectful elders who look after your peers as they make sure no one stays lazy on the dig site.

Big blocks that prevent you from moving forward when trying to do things, you can always have muscle friends who break it down for you. Enjoy the addictive provocative tycoon while guiding and instructing various employees about their assigned tasks.

Improve your characters for better performance

And for those of you who are interested in the amazing gameplay of digging, you may also have the characters of Idle Digging Tycoon MOD updated properly for better performance. Start with it while effectively increasing the digging speed of workers so you can get involved with some of the most powerful digging machines that can easily tear the ground when you try to hit the ground. At the same time, always watch your elders with better active time so that your workers do not become lazy. And with Muscle Man, you can effectively reduce the cold down timer so that it is always ready.

Use different boosters

And yes, to make the game more enjoyable,Idle Digging Tycoon MOD also offers dozens of different boosters that you can use effectively. Feel free to increase your digging performance with quick training, lots of money and lots of interesting boosters. Unlock better earnings with your Digi and enjoy addictive gameplay of simulation.

There are many places to dig

For those who are interested in you, you are not locked in one place. Instead, the game allows players from many fields to fully engage in their addictive digging experience. Immerse yourself in various archeological sites as you explore unique environments and unlock unique structures in each of them. Enjoy with the wonderful game "Excavator Tycoon" in the valley, in the hairy land, in the forest, in Sakura and many other arches. Always make the game fun when you experience unique setups and structures.

Decorate your new buildings with different ornaments

With each of your newly discovered locations, the game also offers interesting decorations and adjustments that you can use. You can freely add to the hot tub and disco club here to enjoy bone ladders, trees, fires and tribal men. Browse through the available jewellery and choose the one that interests you.

Upgrade to enable more upgrades

And as you go to different places in the game, you gain experience and reduce your characters. You can unlock many new upgrades from your new levels, giving you more workers, better digging speed and better mileage from each bucket. Enjoy excellent digging experiences and earn your fortune quickly.

Free spins and random treasures

To make the gameplay more rewarding,Idle Digging Tycoon MOD also offers many interesting treasures that you can randomly collect during your digging sessions. Quickly film your catalogue to collect gold and diamonds and use it for future updates. To test your luck, you can also give free spins in the game.

Enjoy playing with or without internet

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy fantastic gameplay with full offline fly with access. As a result, many people will find the game very fun, especially if they have a business outside the home and do not want to waste their mobile data.

Play for free

And despite all the fantastic game features, Android players in Idle Digging Tycoon MOD Apk can still make their favourite mobile games available for free. All you have to pay to download the game from the Google Play Store is free.

Enjoy great gameplay with our mod

However, since it's still a free game, advertising and purchasing the game is always inevitable. So, you can choose an improved version of the game that offers completely free and unlocked gameplay with an ad-free experience, unlimited money and much more. Just download the Idle Digging Tycoon MOD Apk from our website, follow the instructions and you can install the game successfully. Enjoy with our mode completely addictive useless clicker gameplay.

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