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1.7.3V for Android
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May 06, 2020
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Grannyy is an awesome game that is full of fun and challenges for us. Small is an interesting game, but it's hard to play. In this game, you have to escape from the room in 5 days. To escape from the room you have to find clues and use all kinds of all objects. More importantly, you should stay in the game enough if the sound is heard Grannyy will come to kill you. That is why this game is difficult for most players. This problem is now solved by Grain mode (Menu mode).

Grannyy mod (menu mode) is the Android mode for Grannyy game. In this mode, you will find a menu in the left corner of the game interface. This menu is powerful. If you close the menu, you can play the game like a normal game. If you open the God Mode menu in the game, Grannyy won't be able to kill you in the game. You can also kill Grannyy in the game, causing Grannyy to disappear for 90 seconds. This mode will make Grannyy more interesting to you.

Grandma's gameplay

In Grannyy, the player has to explore the house to find the items that will help him escape from the house in 5 days. Items include a hammer to get out of a wooden board, a shotgun to shoot Grannyy , and a crossbow to knock long objects or kill Grannyy. The house currently has 5 floors, including a garage and 2 loft areas. The player can escape by removing obstacles on the front door or repairing the car in the garage, which requires gasoline, oil pump, spark plug, car battery, engine part and wrench.

If you like adventure and adventure, Granny Mode app is the perfect gaming app for you. With this game, you can go to the house of the grandmother zombie monster disguised as a grandmother. You have to explore every corner of the house to uncover hidden secrets and mysteries. The game always keeps you busy because you have to stay home as much as you make noise when looking for more noise. Once you catch up, it's a game for you. So keep your senses straight and cover your back.

Small is a game that takes you to your grandmother's house, but make no mistake, Grannyy here is no ordinary grandmother. He is a hidden zombie and during this game, you have to make sure that you leave the house before you catch up. The game is made with excellent graphics that provide the user with the best gaming experience, and the game is provided absolutely free of charge to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

The player can hide under the bed or in the closet until the grandmother hides the player. If the player is caught, the grandmother turns her baseball bat over the player's head, ending today. He may also be injured if the player falls on an unstoppable spider in an unstable floor or attic. If the player is caught on the last day, one of the 4 "game overs" is the "cut scene game" in which the grandmother is attacked in the basement, driven by a car in the garage, or beheaded by a guillotine. Is. The bear falls into a trap in the back yard and through the sensitive attic. The player can defend himself by shooting him with the grandmother, letting him run on the ice net, getting stuck in the sauna for a while, or shooting with a shotgun tug for a while. Grannyy out of danger. (2 minutes in Easy, 1 minute in Medium, 30 seconds in Hard and 15 seconds in Extreme. 30 seconds can be added if Grannyy is shot with a shotgun in Nightmare mode.)

Features of Grannyy Mod app:

  • If we continue to use Android apps for a while, there is a chance that the player will get bored with the gameplay at some point because the content of the game is limited. This has become a new problem for Android game developers. The manufacturers make sure that the game does not fall into this category by being designed with the best game modes and difficulty levels to test the user's skills in a challenging dynamic environment.

  • To complement the challenging gameplay, the creators have introduced the concept that if a player is unable to run away from home for five days, you will be stuck at home forever. So strategize your game accordingly and get ready to run away from home because if you don't come you will be caught eating zombie Grannyy. So now or never.

  • The gameplay is to keep you up to date because if you leave something at home, you will suffer the wrath of your grandmother. The player needs to make sure that their tracks are obscure and the goat wakes up and he comes to find you. As soon as he catches you, he eats you alive and then the game is over. If you want to leave home, make sure you don't make any noise.

  • If you think the whole house will be against you, you can’t go wrong anymore as the game has many hidden rooms and closets where you can hide from Grannyy. All you have to think about is that you think about it and find the best solution. Scroll out of the house and play your game.

Mod features

  • Status, the status of God

How to install

Step 1. Download the Daddy Mode (Menu Mode) application file from the Happy Mode website.
Step 2. After downloading, open the download, tap the APK file and then tap Yes when prompted.
Step 3. The Grannyy Mod application (Menu Mode) is installed on your device. Easy.

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