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1.30.12 for Android
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Apr 10, 2021
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Zombie Catchers
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Android 4.1

Zombie Disaster is an excellent theme that is widely used in movies and video games. Being a hero with a weapon in hand and always finding and destroying zombies is an excellent experience for any gamer. There are currently many popular Android games inspired by this theme. They attract a large number of players. Are you a fan of this genre? If so, then you will definitely like the game we present in this game. This Zombie Catchers mode is Unlimited Money.

Zombie Catchers is an action-adventure game developed by two men and a dog. In this article, we want to introduce you to the mod version of this game. (If you want to play the original version, you can simply download it from the Play Store or App Store.) In addition to the game's direct download link, we provide detailed instructions that will allow you to download and install Zombie Catcher. Mod APK in just a few steps.

But first, check out all the cool features below. Don't forget to visit our blog every day to update the latest mod games on mobile.


The game takes place in an entertaining context when the world is attacked by zombies. They are attacking people everywhere. However, a great idea emerged. AJ and Bud - two talented professionals who found a way to get rich in vitamins made from carcasses known as fresh-squeezed goodies.

To develop a freshly squeezed factory, you have to explore many different areas on Earth to catch dangerous zombies. Your hard work is rewarded with a profitable return on the sale of fresh produce to the people of the earth. More and more people are waiting to use their products.

You must do it?

In Zombie Catcher, the player's main task is to play A.J. And Bade caught as many zombies as possible to continue his business. To do this, you have to go to many different countries. Initially, your character will be equipped with a harpoon to catch the corpse. It is a shooting hook that can catch zombies from a distance.

Zombie Catcher brings many different types of zombies that have their own characteristics. Some aggressive monsters are ready to attack you. Some are very shy. They often hide in places that are difficult to reach. You will need to use your brain as bait to get them out of the shelter. Zombies are often sensitive to sound. If you make sounds, it will not be displayed. So you need to stay away from the bait area or hide behind rocks and stumps so they don’t get scared.

Always be careful:

Not all zombies are harmless. Many types of zombies will make it difficult for you. These zombies usually have guns. They are ready to throw something when they see your presence. If you don't avoid them in time, you may become numb for a while. So be careful when dealing with such zombies and catch them ASAP.

The game has small creatures like bats or snakes. They don’t hurt you. However, if you touch them, they scare you. This will hurt you a lot when you catch zombies. Therefore, you should use a harpoon to clean the area before making any new prey.

Shoot at the right time:

During the hunt, you have to choose the right time to shoot zombies. That is very important. It takes time to reload your spear. If you do not shoot properly, you will miss the opportunity to catch zombies. The corpse usually moves in the opposite direction from your position and can jump into the bushes at any time to escape. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the location of your bait and hiding place so that you can catch more and more zombies.

Weapons upgrade:

Upgrading your weapon gives it a longer range and is more powerful. Some zombies come with armor, so you will need powerful weapons to catch them quickly. Aside from the main weapon, players have a few weapons to choose from. In fact, secondary weapons have more properties than primary weapons and attract players. To own these weapons, you can use in-game money or buy real money.

Zombie Catchers bring a rich collection of weapons. Of course, not all are available. Initially, there is only one weapon. If you want more guns you have to use gold to buy them from the store. With the zombie catchers mode we offer, you get unlimited gold and plutonium. Now you can buy everything for free.

Easy to control:

The control system is intuitive and easy to understand. On the right is a navigation button that you can use to control the character's speed. On the other hand, there are buttons to perform actions such as jumping, shooting, or putting the club down. Without any difficulty, you can easily control your character while hunting. All you have to do is aim and shoot.

Hunting owner:

Maps in Zombie Catcher have been distributed in different countries. In each field, you need to follow the steps. You have to hunt perfectly to seduce the boss. Each boss has its own characteristics. Some of them are very strong. Some are very fast and always run away from you. You have to shoot their bloodline at zero as long as they can avoid you. After killing the boss, the next land will be unlocked.


The graphics and sound effects in the game are very good. The card system is different from the lighter color. Zombies are very fun and it brings a lot of fun for the players.

What else is in zombie catchers mode?

Not the best game with 3D catchers like Zombie Catchers, Pubji Mobile or King Hun F Hunter. Instead, the one that attracts and captures the player is the unique and fantastic gameplay.

To become the boss in the game you have to catch a lot of zombies, turn them into drinks and everything will be sold. Zombie Catchers have many levels, many bosses, and quests to complete. Are you ready to download and install the Zombie Catcher Mode APK provided by us? See the following information:

Why do you need Zombie Catcher mode?

Zombie Catcher has two main currencies, including coins and plutonium. You can get coins by catching zombies and selling zombie juice. Coins are very useful for upgrading weapons or developing your factory. Plutonium helps you upgrade weapons.

To buy weapons or upgrade your weapons, you have to use a lot of gold and plutonium. You have to play for hours and complete the mission to get this gold. Don't worry, we're simplifying your gaming experience with Zombie Catchers Mode Unlimited Money on Android. All you have to do is follow the directions in this article.

How do I download and install?

We are going to show you how to download and install Zombie Catcher Mode APK for free. The steps of the tutorial are easy to understand so anyone can do them.

  • Please remove the installed version from the Play Store first.
  • Download the apk file below.
  • Install it normally
  • When done, you can open the game and enjoy it immediately

Zombie Catchers is available in 66 MB which is very easy for a high-quality Android game. You can easily install and play it on most Android devices. In the game your device needs to have at least 1GB RAM, 70MB free space, and at least 4.4 or more with Android.

Final judgment:

Zombie Catchers is a perfect game for relaxing. In the game, players play the role of zombie hunter and businessman. Let's play a game and let the world love our zombies!

Zombie Catchers are completely free to play. However, you can also use real money to buy weapons or unlock other features. This adds to the fun of the game and supports the developer. Also, there is a much simpler method than the mod version we provide in this article.

If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in the comments below, and don't forget to visit our blog to update the latest zombie catcher mode when available.

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