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3.3.2 for Android
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Jan 14, 2021
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Android 5.0

If you're a fan of video games, you've probably heard of the PS2 (PlayStation 2) - one of Sony's most popular console devices in particular, and the world in general. The game was first released in 1999. It quickly became a popular gaming device beloved by millions. After more than 13 years of development, Sony announced the end of PlayStation 2 in late 2013, marking the end of a well-known game genre. Playing on the PS2 has always been an unforgettable memory for many. However, finding a good PS2 device is not easy. Don't worry, thanks to strong technological advances, you can easily enjoy PS2 games on your Android smartphone with the emulator app. Today we want to present you with the best app to emulate PS2 on Android. This is the DAMONPS2 Pro.

Like many other emulators on the Play Store, Daemon PS2 Pro is a paid app that you can only download after paying. If you want to download and use the free DemonPS 2 Pro, you've come to the right place. We have created the latest Daemon PS2 Pro version APK file available to you on our website. In addition, we'll give you detailed instructions on how to easily download and install on any Android device in just a few simple steps. Check this out below first!

What is DamanPS2 Pro?

As mentioned earlier, Daemon PS2 Pro is a PS2 emulator that will let you play most PS2 games on your Android smartphone. It is similar to PPSPP Gold for playing PSPSP games on mobile platforms. In addition, Daemon PS2 Pro provides an environment in which the PS2 works smoothly on Android smartphones. It is rated as the best PS2 emulator if you want to play a PS2 game on Android. Of course, due to the hardware differences, there are still some bugs that happen when playing certain games. But it doesn’t have a big impact on the gaming experience.

DamonPS2 2 Pro offers a wide range of powerful tools to make your game easier and more stable. Although there are many complex tasks, you almost never have to interrupt and tidy up anything. The app can automatically adjust the best default settings.

Key Features of Demons 2 Pro:

DamonPS2 Pro offers many unique features that are not available in other applications. The Pro version of the app allows you to unlock and use more than 40 advanced features. In addition, the Pro version improves the experience when the game becomes faster and easier. Here is a list of Daemon PS2 Pro's standout features:

Most of the PS2 games:

DamonPS2 Pro is a powerful emulator that will let you enjoy most of the PS2 on Android. Although there are differences in hardware between the PS2 and Android, the Daemon PS2 Pro is the bridge to connect these two platforms. The app provides the perfect environment to work in a PS2 game. In the end, games can reach frame rates of up to 60 fps. The gaming experience is generally true. The developer announced that you can play 90% of PS2 games on DamonPS2 Pro.

Improved graphics quality:

PS2 games were released a long time ago. As a result, the graphics quality is often not high when viewed on mobile devices (usually HD resolution, even Full HD 2K). Resolution and texture are often very weak. Therefore, they have a big impact on the game experience. Daemon PS2 Pro has eliminated this by twinning many settings for gamers to easily improve the graphics quality of the game.

Specifically, you can use the render resolution function to increase image quality up to five times (only available in the Pro version). Other options also improve the loading speed during the game and allow a standard 60fps. We also introduced this feature with Rigid DS Emulator - the best Nintendo 3DS emulator app for Android.

Gamepad support:

One issue we don't always like about playing mobile games is the virtual key. They don’t feel “true” using the gamepad. The programmers understood this too and allowed Demons 2 Pro to connect to GamePad. However, only the Android standard gamepad (called the HID standard) is supported. Other gamepads like Xbox360, Xbox One, Dualshock3, and Dualshock4 are not yet supported.

In this application, players can also easily customize the buttons by setting the combination keys. There are currently 4 slots you can choose from and change. Of course, you can still play games without a gamepad. The virtual key system is clearly displayed on the touch screen, which is complete and detailed. However, in some games, the number of keys is relatively large. If you are using an instrument with a small screen, you will experience discomfort while playing it.

Clear, user-friendly interface:

Everything you need to evaluate the Daemon PS2 Pro surface. The main screen of the application has three tabs: Recently, Games and BIOS.

We will expand them:

Recent: Displays a list of games you've added. You can click any game icon to start the game.

Games: This tab is where you install the PS2 games you want. First, you need to download and save the game's ISO files, open this tab and navigate to the folder to start the installation.

BIOS: This is where you can save the BIOS files that you need to play the game. We've also provided links to download full BIOS files for devices.

You can access the settings and select the gear icon on the right and set the options you want. If you do not know much about the technology, we recommend installing it by default.

Save your game progress on SDCard:

When you play a game on Daemon PS2 Pro, the app automatically creates the saved files. When you exit the app, your game progress is automatically saved on your device's memory card. So you can easily access these backup files to back them up, delete them or share them with others. Saving these files will allow you to synchronize game progress even if you use the app on a new device.

Cheat code support

Cheat codes are an essential part of PS2 games. These are codes programmed by game developers. If the code presses true keystrokes, you can change some features in the game, such as b. Immortality, infinite resources, unlocking things, etc. The good news is that Daemon PS2 Pro also supports this feature. This way you can apply cheat code to most of your favorite games. You can search on Google to find the code of each game;).

No advertising:

Ads are always part of the free app. It is beneficial for developers. If you use the Pro version (paid version) of the application, all ads have been removed, in addition to the enabled extended functions. You will have a completely comfortable and easy gaming experience in the app.

Configuration and requirements:

If you compare the hardware, the PS2 certainly won’t be as powerful as the current Android smartphone. However, due to the variety of platforms for PS2 games to run smoothly on the Android OS, you need to use a powerful device. The configuration requirements announced by the developer are:

  • Android smartphones use Snapdragon CPU 835/835 or equivalent version. It can still work on weak CPU devices, but some options are streamlined to ensure loading speed and FPS.
  • Your device has at least 2GB of RAM. Some large-capacity games may require more RAM.
  • Your device must be running at least Android 6.0 or higher.
  • The PS2 game (ROM) file is in ISO format (can be downloaded from some shared websites on the Internet).

How do I download and install Demons 2 Pro?

Daemon PS2 Pro, as mentioned earlier, is a paid app priced at 99 7.99 on Google Play. For many, it can be expensive. We understand this and so we will show you how to download and install Daemon PS2 Pro on Android. We provide you a direct link to the game which is 100% secure. It does not contain any malicious code from the device. We've tested the Daemon PS2 Pro on the Galaxy S8, S9, Xiaomi Mi8, and some other high-end devices. It works perfectly. Follow the instructions below to download and install this application:

Download all of the following files:

  • Install the APK file as usual
  • Unzip the zip file and you will get the bio folder
  • Open the Daemon PS2 Pro application, go to the "Bio" tab and navigate to the folder you have created.
  • Select the appropriate BIO file.
  • Finished!

Some shocks:

DamonPS2 Pro can be considered the best PS2 emulator available on Android. However, there are strict hardware requirements to run this application. As mentioned earlier, you need a smartphone with a powerful chip that will allow you to easily use the features of the app. In addition, many users confirm that the app will not be able to work even on their mid-range devices.

So please make sure your device meets the hardware requirements before downloading and using this application.

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