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1.20.3 für Android
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Mrz 19, 2021
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MilkChoco (Mod Money) is GameParadiso's FPS game. It has simple graphics, sleek gameplay, and lighting features. Gamers can download it for free and play it on any device without worrying about storage capacity and device configuration. The game is a battle of two groups, including milk and Chocola. Whichever team kills more and captures more milk bottles wins the game.

Milk Story:

Milkchock has a funny story. On a normal day milk and choco fight over a cup of coffee. Milk wanted to put more milk than Chocola in his cup and vice with Latu choco. War broke out to decide. There was no bloody scene, no spectacular filming. Instead, the plump character moves strangely. Despite the simple graphics and fun gameplay in the game, winning in Milchocho is not easy. In the game, the player needs a high level of concentration in each fight. Otherwise, it will be shot by the enemy. This is always an important feature that attracts players in the F-line FPS game.

Why play:

Dudhoko is an online multiplayer FPS action game on a mobile platform. Unlike other games of the same genre, MilkChoco has simple graphics and fun gameplay. The game offers players great moments of peace without fighting or spectacular fire effects. Apart from that, beautiful and simple shaped characters are also a major feature of the game.

Apparently, the gameplay is inspired by Battle Royale games like PUBG or Fortnight. Players are placed on a map (field) where the battle will take place. Players should do their best to be the ultimate survivor. To start the fight, you have to move around the map in search of weapons and equipment. Only 4 things you need to consider e.g. B. Milkhocho has weapons, helmets, clinical boxes, and grenades. There is also no inventory in the game. The items you selected will change automatically. You can bring up to 3 weapons in one match. After 2 minutes the playing field will be compressed. You will be burned if you do not go to a safe area. The game ends when there is only 1 person on the card. He is the winner.

Heroes Collection in Milkchock:

The heroes have a simple form. If the milk fraction and chocolate color choco fraction is white. In addition, players can pay diamonds to buy helmets, costumes, and accessories for their heroes. Do not forget the best-armed heroes. In addition, players can purchase them in the equipment section. Other than that, owning a well-numbered hero will help the player gain an advantage over the enemy. The game has 20 heroes, each with special abilities. It can be the ability to detonate, heal wounds, or disappear. To unlock the hero, the player must pay gold.

Challenging level:

In this game, it's easy to be fooled by the pictures of honorable heroes and the simple graphics of Milchococo. You think it's a simple game to play and win. But the reality is very different. F Online FPS games always have intense action that can be defeated instantly if you get a little distracted during a fight. Milkchocks are no exception. Players must always keep an eye on themselves to avoid being attacked by opponents. Breaking through obstacles and moving slowly will give you better control of the area. Also, you need to know how to use weapons skillfully to take advantage of the match. By combining control skills and a little luck, you can master all the challenges of the game.

Configuration Requirement:

If you are looking for a lightweight FPS game, MilkChoco is a great choice. Generally, high-quality FPS games have a capacity of fewer than 1 GB. However, the capacity of MilkChoco is only over 60 MB. It can run smoothly on low-end devices and with low storage capacity. Therefore, MilkChoco is suitable for players who want to experience FPS games but do not want to spend more resources on the device. Despite the low capacity, still enough to experience the game's graphics. Also, the responsive and fast gameplay is a big draw for Milkchock.


If you want to experience a multiplayer FPS game, but find that blockbuster games of this genre have a very complex game, Milkcoco may be the option for you. The game has comfortable gameplay and good graphics. Even if you've never played an FPS game, it's easy to get used to the style of play. Readers can download MilkChoco from the link below.

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MilkChoco & Online FPS MOD APK 1.20.3 ist ein neues interaktives -Spiel von GameParadiso für alle Altersgruppen. Einer der Vorteile dieses Spiels ist die Grafik und die benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche. Auf einer Fünf-Punkte-Skala erhält die Inhaltsbewertung von MilkChoco & Online FPS MOD APK 1.20.3 eine Bewertung von 4,5 von 5,0 und kann heruntergeladen und installiert werden. Sie unterstützt bis zu und mehr auf Android-Geräten.

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